Vinum Nobile Winery

Slovak wines of world quality.

Since its opening in 2012, Vinum Nobile winery has focused on the production of high-quality white, red, rosé, and sparkling wine from local Slovak grape varieties. Traditional winemaking technology and modern machinery have given our wine a unique taste and aroma that has been internationally recognized. With the launch of the new plant in 2018, the maximum production capacity grew up to 4.5 million bottles per year.

Vinum Nobile Winery represents a brand of high-quality Slovak white, red, rosé and carbonated, slightly sparkling wines characterized by elegance, full body, wonderful taste, color and aroma. Wines from our top line Vinum Nobile are suitable for long-term archiving due to their high-quality processing.

All our wines are of guaranteed Slovak origin, and already in the first years of production we achieved respectable results at regional and international wine events (Vinalies Paris, Bacchus Madrid, Sakura Tokyo, AWC Vienna). Every year, wines from our production win a place in the National Salon as one of the TOP 100 wines from Slovakia.

Our Vineyards

Nitrianska vinohradnícka oblasť

The Nitra wine-growing region is located in the northern part of the Nitra Region and in a small part of the Trnava Region. Of all the wine-growing regions of Slovakia, it is perhaps characterized by the most diverse natural conditions. Vineyards are planted on the slopes of Považské Inovec, Tribeč, Štiavnické vrchy and also on the loess hillocks of the Podunajská nížina. Both the soil conditions and the climate have a significant effect on the variety of varieties produced here. Soils on slopes often have a high skeletal structure, but this is not an obstacle. Within the very warm and very dry lowland climate region, there are very varied microclimatic conditions, which are caused by the local heterogeneity of the relief of the country.

Our Varieties


The wines come from traditional and cultivator-proven grape varieties, but also from interspecific varieties. They provide grapes with a balanced ratio of aromatic substances, sugar and acids, which, with the right processing technology, are reflected in the sensory properties of the wines. Vinum Nobile Winery grows its own vines on a total area of 93ha, where you can find, for example, varieties such as Alibernet, Merlot, Pálava or Hibernal.

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