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Vinum Nobile Winery

Welcome to Vinum Nobile Winery, an esteemed winery in Slovakia with a remarkable 12-year history of producing exceptional wines. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, our winery has garnered numerous medals and accolades at prestigious wine contests worldwide from Texas to Paris. Winery is situated in the beautiful Nitra wine region of Slovakia considered to be the oldest wine-producing region in Slovakia, the first evidence of this dates to the 9th century.

Climatic conditions in the Nitra region may be the most favorable due to the large number of sunny days and highlands. In addition, it is one of the leading regions in terms of wine production. Vinum Nobile Winery is a testament to the passion and expertise of its founder and winemakers, who set out on a journey to create wines that captivate the senses and embody the essence of their unique terroir.


Passion for winemaking

Vinum Nobile Winery prides itself on its passion for winemaking and the pursuit of exceptional wines. Already the first vintages of wines from Vinum Nobile Winery 2012 have had great success at international and regional wine competitions,

such as Vinalies Paris, Bacchus Madrid, Sakura Tokyo, AWC Vienna, Lyon, Texas, Prague Wine Trophy or Berlin International Wine Competition, but more are being added every year.

Our rich wine portfolio consists of

Vinum Nobile

Vinum Nobile is a top line of wines that is made with great care and focuses on quality. This line includes various types of red and white wines, which are known for their elegance, structure and excellent origin. Vinum Nobile wines have depth of flavor, ripe fruit notes and balanced tannins, making them a great addition to any occasion.

Slovak Valley

Slovak Valley is a modern light line of wines that is characterized by its freshness, pleasant fruitiness and easy drinking. These wines are ideal for informal occasions and gatherings with friends. The Slovak Valley range offers a wide range of white, rose and red wines that are tasty and pleasant to drink.


Frizzanvino is a slightly sparkling wine, with a pleasant bubbly texture and a delicious taste. Frizzanvino is a great choice for those looking for something unconventional and cheerful, perfect for celebrations and special occasions.

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle range is focused on varietal wines that stand out with their distinctive character and unique taste profiles.

Premium gift sets

In addition to the bottles of wine, we are also ready to offer customized gift packaging with a company logo, a personal message combined with high-quality Slovak snacks.

In love with nature

At Vinum Nobile Winery, we care about nature from the bottom of our heart.

Integrated Protection work in the vineyards of your winery

Biological protection against vine diseases/ compromise of a combination of fertilizers and fungicides.

Our winery demonstrates its modern approaches in production by investing in the purchase of supporting EKO friendly technology. Thanks to it, we can ensure a super fast gentle application of the necessary sprays with minimal soil compaction and thus also a reduction of undesirable ecological impacts.

"Green mixes" - we sowed a mixture of herbs, clovers and grass in every second row, which will naturally attract suitable insects. Our goal is to completely plant grassy areas between the vines to protect the soil against erosion and attract beneficial insects.

The owner

Vladislav Khabliev

The owner, Mr. Vladislav Khabliev, who inherited his love for winemaking from his Caucasian ancestors, as a successful businessman decided in 2012 to build the Vinum Nobile Winery - 90 hectares of vineyards and a winery equipped with modern technology for the processing of white and red grapes in the beautiful surroundings of Malé Ripňany, a great team of professionals and his vision met with success from the very beginning of production.

“Before we put a glass of wine to our mouth, we should know where the wine was born. Sealing the territory and the people who use it is extremely important. It contains the secret of the land, the atmosphere and the historical wisdom of our ancestors, the generational desire to move wine on its path closer to the sun. "Wine is the transformed energy of the sun," points out the chief wine technologist Alfred Havlas.

join us

To explore beautiful wines in an authentic environment of vineyards and winery.

We offer you a wine fantastic wine tasting tours, enjoy our wine selection accompanied with local cheeses and pates served on homemade bread. The entire winery is barrier-free and allows even immobile visitors to move around the entire winery.

In addition to the tasting itself, you will have the opportunity to purchase wines in a gift package, which you can give to your beloved ones. To inquire about our price list, wine tours or discuss customized options, contact our dedicated team today.

Rastislav Šipka
Director of sales and marketing
M +421 902 967 167
E rastislav.sipka@sg-slovakia.sk

Zuzana Šmahelová
Sales Manager
M +421 911 677 474
E zuzana.smahelova@sg-slovakia.sk

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